American Express

Everyday Genius
Kari Byron stars in Everyday Genius to share some smart for everyday life.

I researched life hacks, wrote scripts, and typed up supporting social copy. But what I really took away from this project was a handy method to pack a bag efficiently enough to wow any TSA agent.

CD: Jesse Suchmann, Doris Chung
AD: Allyson Paisley, Sam Bruehl, Nina Reichenberg
CW: Conor Hogan, Neil Pohl

Everyday Moments
As a new way to reach the mom demographic and promote the EveryDay Card, we created an animated content series out of stories told by relevant social influencers.

I wrote social copy for the campaign.

CD: Jesse Suchmann
AD: Allyson Paisley, Nina Reichenberg
CW: Conor Hogan, Neil Pohl